On June 7th 2015, the Kate Rose Classic was established to help aid Kate and her fight against cancer. With tremendous support and from the community the first two Kate Rose Classic were extremely successful thanks to the all of the participants, volunteers and sponsors. We are looking forward to sharing another weekend with our friends, playing the game we love, while helping Kate fight through her battle from cancer. 

Thanks You,

The Miguel Family

To help Kate with her medical expenses you can make a contribution on her GoFundMe page here:   https://www.gofundme.com/katemiguel

On July 22, 2014 Kate Rose Miguel (now 15) was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a type of childhood brain cancer that begins when normal cells in the brain change and grow uncontrollably forming a malignant tumor. The next day she underwent surgery to remove the malignant tumor.  Following her surgery Kate underwent intensive chemotherapy and radiation treatment until September 8, 2015.  Throughout this process Kate lost most of her motor skills and speech.

Kate spent September 2015  through August 2016  participating in a specialized Neuro- Physical/Occupational therapy program in Ontario, CA to regain her basic motor and oral skills where she made leaps and bounds on her road to recovery.  She was able to begin her first year of high school, via homeschooling. 

In August 2016, the cancer returned and now Kate had a total of 2 brain tumors in her brain. Kate and her family were informed that surgery to remove the brain tumors is no longer a possibility; this is due to potential brain damage and trauma the surgery can cause. As a last resort, Kate and her family agreed to undergo a research trial, where Kate would underwent a stem cell transplant in order to create a possible vaccine to eliminate the tumors. On December 13, 2016, Kate began her trial and underwent her first round of intense chemotherapy. Unfortunately, Kate had a negative reaction to the chemo and began to have chemo-induced seizures. These seizures left Kate in an unresponsive coma for 17 days. Kate was held in ICU until she was transferred to Woodland Hills to proceed with her chemotherapy. 

Kate has completed the remaining rounds of chemo and as of May 8th, 2017 was transferred to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Kate is receiving her vaccine, as well as participating in physical and occupational therapy. Kate is relearning all her basic functions such as eating, walking, and communicating. Kate has not been home since December 13th of 2016 and continues to fight for her life every day.   

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